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1)two calendar control[fromdate and todate]...both are disabled at start
3)save button

--if i click the check box...the disabled calendar control becomes enabled...then we enter from and todate
--then if i save it should update

--<<<<<<<<<what i="" require="">>.

if i dont click the check box[that is both fromdate and todate are disabled and are left blank]. and then save it should save.


if i dont click the check box and when i am trying to save..both the calendar control required field validator message is firing..enter valid value in the fields

--i want these message to be displayed[on save button click] only when check box is clicked..and calendar control [both from and to date] is left blank.

----------------------aspx code-----------------------------------------------
                    <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
                            <td align="left" class="style2" colspan="4">
                                <asp:CheckBox ID="chkroleid" runat="server" Text="Assign Role For Particular Duration"
                                    OnCheckedChanged="chkroleid_CheckedChanged" Checked="false" AutoPostBack="true" />
                <tr id="FirstRow" runat="server">

                    <td class="lavel">
                        <asp:Label ID="ll_Appointment_Date" runat="server" Text="From Date"></asp:Label>
                    <td width="25%">
                        <uc3:CalendarControl ID="txt_Appointment_From_Date"  runat="server" ShowTime="true"
                    <td class="label" width="10%">
                        <asp:Label ID="Label2" runat="server" Text="To Date"></asp:Label>
                    <td width="25%">
                        <uc3:CalendarControl ID="txt_Appointment_To_Date" runat="server" ShowTime="true"
                            SetEnabled="false" />

--custom button panel is having save button--
<uc1:CustomButtonPanel ID="CustomButtonPanel1" align="right" runat="server" />
       <asp:ValidationSummary ID="ValidationSummary1" runat="server" HeaderText="You must enter a valid value in the following field(s):"
           ShowMessageBox="True" ShowSummary="False" />

so how to solve this?


I m little confused. Can you help me ?

--in user control.ascx i have this

<asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="Date_rfv" runat="server" SetFocusOnError="true" ControlToValidate="txtCalendarValue"

-- in usercontrol.ascx.cs

public void SetDateValidators()
if (this.RfvDateErrorMsg.Trim().Length > 0)
Date_rfv.ErrorMessage = this.RfvDateErrorMsg.ToString();
Date_rfv.ErrorMessage = System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["Date_rfv"];

--in web config the message is declared [enter valid date]
<add key="Date_rfv" value="Enter required date value.">

so when checkbox is not checked.
then the validation below fires
and the the webconfig key message

--custom button panel is having save button--
<pre lang="xml">&lt;uc1:CustomButtonPanel ID=&quot;CustomButtonPanel1&quot; align=&quot;right&quot; runat=&quot;server&quot; /&gt;
       &lt;asp:ValidationSummary ID=&quot;ValidationSummary1&quot; runat=&quot;server&quot; HeaderText=&quot;You must enter a valid value in the following field(s):&quot;
           ShowMessageBox=&quot;True&quot; ShowSummary=&quot;False&quot; /&gt;</pre>

i get error like below

You must enter a valid value in the following field
Enter required date value
Enter required date value

--after reading your article i tried to do

i am trying to do validation on client side..

<asp:CheckBox ID="chkroleid" runat="server" Text="Assign Role For Particular Duration"
OnCheckedChanged="chkroleid_CheckedChanged" Checked="false" Onclick="clientValidation_Calendarcontrol();" AutoPostBack="true" />

function clientValidation_Calendarcontrol(source, arguments)

  if (chkroleid.checked)


  var ValidationSummary1 = document.getElementById('ValidationSummary1');
  ValidatorEnable(ValidationSummary1, false);


--but this is not working,,,
how to disable the validation summary [You must enter a valid value in the following field]

and the part that is declared in usercontrol which is linked with webconfig[Enter required date value]

--kindly help
Updated 26-Aug-13 3:02am

1 solution

So there are two ways , whther you want to disable from client side or from server side. If you want to do from server side then on checkbox checked eent do a post back or use ajax and enable/disable the validation.

You can do it from Client side. Disable it from javascript. I have written a detailed article on ASP.NET Validators

You can have a look Exploring ASP.NET Validators[^]
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anurag19289 26-Aug-13 9:03am    
Brother i am little confused... i have updated the question

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