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I am using Acrobat Reader 10.1.0 which provide annotation facility. And I want to show PDF file in my C# application. For this I use Web Explorer object and it shows PDF file successfully.

But on Web Explorer, it shows the PDF file in read only mode. So could not use annotation facility.

I want to show PDF file in my C# application so that user can use annotation facility. I try to explore COM component provided by Acrobat Reader, but it doesn't work.

So please provide me the solution for this.

Updated 23-Aug-13 0:27am
Richard MacCutchan 23-Aug-13 6:28am
This sounds like a restriction on Adobe's product; try asking them.

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I will agree with Richard. Some libraries restrict the editing of Pdf files; while some help you put the restrictions. In your case, it feels that it is the restriction from Adobe. Try looking for some other component or library which may help you do this.
Shrikant Bhongade 24-Aug-13 5:20am
yes i known and i understood this unique problem but what is the best solution what will I do now? If u hv any appropriate solution or any library so that i will use in my C# application. any COM component.PLZ.
SaqibRasheed 24-Aug-13 10:39am
Well, I think you should google for it; that is what I can suggest you. There may be lots of free or open source libraries or components available.
Shrikant Bhongade 26-Aug-13 3:38am
i have been trying since last 15-20 days daily but nobody give exact solution..

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