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I want to distinguish of these two technologies relevant to their technological aspects.What are major differences and usage of each one of them?Pros and Cons.How we can handle process through GPU using each one of them?
How those technologies can be implemented for 3D game programming?
Updated 26-Aug-13 17:44pm
[no name] 27-Aug-13 0:01am    
Are we going to go through all of your homework? Have you seen Google?
Buddhi Chaturanga 27-Aug-13 0:11am    
:D not my homework pal,Just for simple clarifications.Nowadays googling is a mess.Please read the question and answer I am not asking basic differences here..

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Basically, CUDA only works for NVIDIA cards, whereas OpenCL supports all. In theory. To my knowledge the only usable implementation for OpenCL is by AMD; NVIDIA also implemented OpenCL for their cards, but didn't put a lot effort into it.

CUDA only is more powerful than the more generalized OpenCL standard. However, OpenCL is technically not limited to GPUs, e. g. there is a PGI OpenCL compiler for multicore ARM CPUs (see[^])

I suggest you check wikipedia on both:[^] ,[^]

As to using them in (any kind of) programming, I suggest you read up on parallel programming - that is a way too extensive topic to be answered here.
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Buddhi Chaturanga 27-Aug-13 9:57am    
thank you! :D

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