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by using scanf to print the Date of birth..but there are some condition
1)using 1 scanf fucntion we print the date and month and year..
2when a time date like 10 then attomatically -(symbel) will come i will print month then also come the -(symbel).
at last i want date of birth like 10-06-1996

OUT PUT IN following farmed
print your date of birth::10-06-1996
your date of birth ::10-06-1996

Scant does not print: it reads a value from the user and converts it to an internal form.

To output the date, use print, not scanf.

I'm not a big fan of scanf at the best of times, it's generally better to read a string, and then use sscanf to parse that, as it's a lot easier to debug, and better for error reporting as well.

But the printf for as date is pretty simple:
printf("%02d-%02d-%04d", day, month, year);
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Member 10241683 30-Aug-13 2:13am    
i am not satisfied......this is not what i want...
In scanf............when i print date then attomatically - will come after date.........
when i enter 10 then - will come attomatically....then i will type month then - will come...this is i want?????
OriginalGriff 30-Aug-13 2:32am    
That doesn't make a lot of sense: scanf does not print - if reads input.
Perhaps if you try rephrasing that, remembering that I can't see your screen?
[no name] 30-Aug-13 3:27am    
Why don't you post your code. That will make it clearer.
Member 10241683 30-Aug-13 3:35am    
which code?????
Richard MacCutchan 30-Aug-13 3:44am    
The code you have written. Better still read scanf() which explains how it works.
import os,urllib
if os.path.exists("Engineering")!=True:
Error="<html><head><title>Apache Tomcat/7.0.16 - Error report</title>"
## Starting of Semester 1 Mathematics ##

def Engg(Chapter_Name,Chapter,Prasad_Modules):
if os.path.exists("Mathematics-I/"+Chapter_Name)!=True:
for Module in range(1,int(Prasad_Modules)+1):
print url
if Page[0:62]!=Error:
File_Name="Mathematics-I/"+Chapter_Name+"/"+str(Module)+". "+Chapter_Name+".pdf"
Engg("Sequences & Series",1,9)
Engg("Differential Equations",2,9)
Engg("Functions of Several Variables",3,10)
Engg("Numerical Analysis",4,8)

## Ending of Semester 1 and Starting of Semester 2 Mathematics ##
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happy birthday
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