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cmd3.CommandText = "UPDATE Seats SET SeatStatus = 'Y' WHERE (FlightId =('" + flightf + "') AND SeatName =('" + DropDownList4.SelectedValue + "'))";

thanks for helping

the problem is

when i do it like this its work:
string ss = "Y";
string sn =  "C07";
cmd3.CommandText = "UPDATE Seats SET SeatStatus = ('" + ss + "') WHERE FlightId =('" + flightf + "') AND SeatName =('" + sn + "')";

so the problem in the value

i try this:

string sn = Convert.ToString(DropDownList4.SelectedValue);

not worked
Updated 30-Aug-13 3:38am
Aiham85 30-Aug-13 5:53am
i change it like this:

cmd3.CommandText = "UPDATE Seats SET SeatStatus = 'Y' WHERE FlightId = ('" + flightf + "') AND SeatName = ('" + DropDownList4.SelectedValue + "')";

not working
Nelek 30-Aug-13 5:55am
Have you tried to compile it and / or to debug it?
[no name] 30-Aug-13 5:56am
Is FlightId really a string? Is flightf empty? Is there anything selected in DropDownList4? Is the selected value of DropDownList4 really a string? Is your connection string correct? Is your connection open? Did you execute your query? Are you getting the feeling that your "question" is way too vague yet? Did you debug your code?
Herman<T>.Instance 30-Aug-13 5:58am
that are indeed the only things to check!
phil.o 30-Aug-13 6:21am
I wish I could vote 5 to this one ;)
Simon_Whale 30-Aug-13 6:05am
Is there an error message? is it .NET or SQL?
Dholakiya Ankit 30-Aug-13 7:42am
solution2 is advice for you take it and if you still want to get result from this then put code that you are seeing while watch add cmd3.CommandText to watch then put whole code here this may easy to answer

The main error is you are constructing a SQL query by concatenating string input from user.
This is prone to SQL injection attacks.
Better use parameterized query.

Other error could be a problem with the selected value of your DropDownList (for example, it contains the character '). It's just a guess with the little information you are providing.
Herman<T>.Instance 30-Aug-13 5:59am
pointing out preventing SQL injections is Always my 5!
phil.o 30-Aug-13 6:02am
Thanks :)
cmd3.CommandText = "UPDATE Seats SET SeatStatus = 'Y' WHERE FlightId ='" + flightf + "' AND SeatName ='" + DropDownList4.SelectedValue + "'";
Herman<T>.Instance 30-Aug-13 7:15am
use String.Format like:
cmd3.CommandText = string.Format("UPDATE Seats SET SeatStatus = 'Y' WHERE FlightId ='{0}' AND SeatName ='{1}'", flightf, DropDownList4.SelectedValue ) ;
Makes it all more readable
I feel that the dropdownlist is not returning the value due to which you are getting the error. So, make it sure that you are getting some value against DropDownList4.SelectedValue; if you don't get some value you can try getting value by using DropDownList4.Text or DropDownList4.SelectedItem.
It maosi has no fault,please remove '+',and retry

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