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I have a textbox on which i check duplicate record on text changed.
but i also want the textbox to check for duplicate records on lost focus
in c#
I am not able to write code for lost focus or how to implement the scenario
help me with some examples or pseudo code
Please Help
Updated 30-Aug-13 7:53am
[no name] 30-Aug-13 13:51pm    
Help you with what? You would need to ask some sort of a question or describe a problem before you could reasonably expect any kind of help.

Refer this link

Calling Javascript on Textbox loss of focus[^]

There,OnBlur event is added at Page_Load. Once the TextBox loses the focus,javascript function will be called. You can do your stuff in that function.

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Priyanka Bhagwat 31-Aug-13 1:25am    
Thank You Rohan Leuva!!!! :)
Thanks7872 31-Aug-13 1:42am    
You are welcome.. :-)
write code on TextChanged event of textbox
protected void Textbox_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)


write javascript on onBlur of textbox
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