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Hi everyone what is DoubleBuffered? and how we can use it,where we must use it?
thank you...

This is the feature of a control (if you are talking about System.Windows.Forms), or it can be some similar feature in other UI libraries.

This is a very important feature. It helps to effectively fight flicker.

Very often, your rendering method cause flicker. Imagine that you have some blue object on a background of some white object. How you re-render it when you want to move the blue object? First, you need to draw a white object, and then you draw a blue object, because it should be on top. It will quickly flash a lot of white color, before you get your blue again. Do you see the problem?

Now, double buffering changes this sequence. Under the hood, images are first rendered on some bitmap. And then the whole bitmap is rendered on your control at once. No more noticeable flicker.

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z3ngew 31-Aug-13 13:01pm    
Good explanation
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 31-Aug-13 14:44pm    
Thank you.

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