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Hi, my problem is simple; from the [^]there is a lambda expression that bugs me:

SendAction(() => All().CallOnEach<IListenTo<T>>(x => x.Handle(message)));

The first closed paranthesis comes with no prefix. Because of that i don't understand what this expression is supposed to mean. Any help is welcome.

1 solution

this just means "void" so no "Input" variables for the first lambda (the second one defines one "x" - in this case it's allowed to leave the paranthesis away. So SendAction wants a function pointer (aka delegate) as Argument - you just give it one - inline with your lambda. Does this help?
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YourAverageCoder 3-Sep-13 5:39am    
Yes, thanks.
johannesnestler 3-Sep-13 6:50am    
You are welcome. Little Addition: If you think about the syntax it's obviouse that the compiler needs something in case of no input parameters to recognize the Lambda - why .NET didn't "create" a new use for the "void" keyword is beyond my knowledge (They did it with "this" for the ExtensionMethods)...

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