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I am creating a pdf file and want to download it. It is working correctly from my local system.
venderprint pdfForm = new venderprint(GetTable(), Server.MapPath("~/images/logopdf.png"));

            // Create a MigraDoc document
            Document document = pdfForm.CreateDocument();
            document.UseCmykColor = true;

            // Create a renderer for PDF that uses Unicode font encoding
            PdfDocumentRenderer pdfRenderer = new PdfDocumentRenderer(true);

            // Set the MigraDoc document
            pdfRenderer.Document = document;

            // Create the PDF document

            // Save the PDF document...
            string filename = "VendorInformation.pdf"; 
            Process.Start(Server.MapPath("~/File/" + filename));

This is the code which i am using. The file is storing in File Folder and opening automatically on my local system, but is server the file is storing in File folder but it could not open.
Updated 4-Sep-13 2:10am
bbirajdar 3-Sep-13 4:53am    
not clear
Jimut123456789 3-Sep-13 5:03am    
means when downloading the pdf file from my local system it is working fine but when upload it to server then it couldn't download.
bbirajdar 3-Sep-13 5:21am    
I guess you have not written any code for uploading because I cant see any. Please check the upload button event if you have written the code...
[no name] 3-Sep-13 5:03am    
what do you mean by not working..share more details and also the error you are getting.
phil.o 4-Sep-13 7:46am    
Maybe there is no application on your server to handle .pdf files...

When you write Process.Start(Server.MapPath("~/File/" + filename));, you tell the server to open the file with the default handler for this file.

But I'm not sure this is what you want (open the generated file on the server). Could it be possible you are trying to open the file on the client from the server?

1 solution

most probably it is an issue with permissions, try by sharing that folder and giving write permissions as well
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