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my wpf data grid has 2 columns must be bind to display 2 different results
my business logic is:
i have 2 combobox display same data , but each one of them bind to different tables ,
and I want to display data in datagrid column be same

var query = from m in context.PersonInfo
join r in context.Rank
on m.RecentRankNo equals r.RankID
join s in context.Situation
on m.SituationNO equals s.SituationID

join servRecord in context.ServiceRecord
on m.UniqueID equals servRecord.PersonNo

join sit in context.Situation
on servRecord.ServiceRecordType equals sit.SituationID

where servRecord.ServiceRecordType == serviceRecordIdTrue
select new {
servRecord.Notes, sit.SituationName
I want to display in datagrid this fields from select query also 2 column , 1- sit.SituationName which refer to m.SituationNO and ,2- sit.SituationName refer to servRecord.ServiceRecordType
if i write in column binging={binding path="SituationName"} displays to different values

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