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I am writing a program in C# using Linq to SQL.
the problem is that when I define a column for example:
Column: Password
Type: String(length=20)

And when my save a string that has less than the maximum length, the remained value is filled by white space. For example:
Value="myPassword          "

But the thing I am looking for is having such a value:

I load my program in a way like this, and I do not like to use String.Trim function because of its problems:

[Table(Name = "Users")]
public class UserLoginData
    [Column(Name = "Enable")]
    public bool Enable = false;
    [Column(Name = "UserName")]
    public string UserName = "";
    [Column(Name = "Password")]
    public string Password = "";
    [Column(Name = "Server")]
    public string Server = "";
    [Column(Name = "Proxy")]
    public string Proxy = "";
    [Column(Name = "ProxyUserName")]
    public string Proxy_UserName = "";
    [Column(Name = "ProxyPassword")]
    public string Proxy_Password = "";
    [Column(Name = "Comment")]
    public string Comment = "";
    [Column(Name = "DataPath")]
    public string DataPath = "";
    [Column(Name = "LogoffTime_sec")]
    public int LogoffTime_sec = 0;
    [Column(Name = "LogoffTime_sec_sigma")]
    public int LogoffTime_sec_sigma = 0;
db = new DataContext(Users_DatabaseFileName);
Table<UserLoginData> UserserTable = db.GetTable<UserLoginData>();
users = from c in UserserTable
        select c;

Can anyone help me?

1 solution

That is because you have used a fixed length data type.

change the data type to a variable length type.[^]
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