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is it possible to consume rest wcf service in windows form. If so , please give me the direction. I tried like this to consume.

string ServiceUrl = "http://localhost:4664/MEKRest/Service.svc/news/";
          WebRequest theRequest = WebRequest.Create(ServiceUrl);
          WebResponse theResponse = theRequest.GetResponse();
          DataContractSerializer collectionData = new DataContractSerializer(typeof(string));
          var arrEmp = collectionData.ReadObject(theResponse.GetResponseStream());
          label1.Text = arrEmp.ToString();

Error in line 1 position 50. Expecting element 'string' from namespace ''.. Encountered 'Element' with name 'MEKNewsDataResponse', namespace ''.
Updated 3-Sep-13 22:51pm

1 solution

void CallBackJSONAddRequest(IAsyncResult ar)
    //Contains information of the Async object containing Request Information
    WebRequest req = (WebRequest)ar.AsyncState;
    //Returns stream for writing data to the Web Resource
    Stream reqStream = req.EndGetRequestStream(ar);

    //Now Collect the response Asynchronously
    req.BeginGetResponse(CallBackJSONResponse, req);
//Response Callback, is mandatory to complete operations on the receiving end
void CallBackJSONResponse(IAsyncResult ar)
        WebRequest req = (WebRequest)ar.AsyncState;
        //Collect the reponse
        WebResponse res = req.EndGetResponse(ar);
        Stream strResult = res.GetResponseStream();

    catch (Exception ex)
        string s = ex.Message;

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    string uploadUrl = "http://localhost:7794/GetEmployees.svc/CreateEmployee/" + textBox1.Text + "/" + textBox2.Text + "/" + textBox3.Text;
    WebRequest addRequest = WebRequest.Create(uploadUrl);
    addRequest.Method = "POST";
    //Begin the Asynchrnous Request
    addRequest.BeginGetRequestStream(CallBackJSONAddRequest, addRequest);
    label1.Text = "Employee" + textBox1.Text + "Inserted Successfuly";
    textBox1.Text = "";
    textBox2.Text = "";
    textBox3.Text = "";
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