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I wanna ask about Json in c++.
How can I print Json value in c++,

Let's say that I have this Json :
   "nameS" : "Jason",
   "ageS"  : "16"

How can I print "He's Jason" or "16 years old".

I already tried these :

void printmyJson(Json::Value ¶ms)
Json::Value root;
std::string name;
std::string age;
std::string mName;
for(Json::ValueIterator it = params.begin(); it!= params.end(); ++it)
 mName = it.memberName();
 name = root.get(mName,0).asString.c_str();

printf("He's %s",name\n);
printf("He is %s",mName);

But it always output this :
"He's "
"He's name"

So, the variable name is NULL instead of it's value (Jason). And variable mName is filled with Json string instead of(which I wanted)it's value (Jason).

Can someone help me on this?

many thanks
Updated 5-Sep-13 18:28pm

1 solution

I assume you are using JsonCPP

If you look at the answer to this question you will see how to iterate the json tree.[^]

This function
void CDriverConfigurator::PrintJSONValue( Json::Value &val )

prints the JSON values.

The debugger is the best way to check the values you are getting.
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