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hi professsionals

there is conditon in my project where i need to do login by client and after login i have to give him only one hour time for accessbility of my site strat time will be login time and it will store in Database i need to do only that take login time from DB and show counter with that time and after one hour need to do only Response.Redirect("MyPage.aspx").

the main thing that i have to do this by Java script and i am new in JS try many codes but not getting actually result........can any onje help me
Khandwawala Hatim 10-Sep-13 2:21am    
is there any specific reason that you need to fetch the login time from the database only.
Shubh Agrahari 10-Sep-13 3:00am    
no its only part to convey u all people even there is many method to get store login time (session. hidden fields etc)

1 solution

Check the below code.

//After you login, put the time (i.e. in minutes from database) in to a hidden feild from server side.

var sessionTimeout = "2";   // Put the value of that hidden feild in to this variable
var globalmins = 1; // Substract one minutes from the hidden feild and put it in to this variable
var timeOnPageLoad = new Date();

var redirectToWelcomePageTimer = null;

//To redirect to the welcome page
var redirectToWelcomePageTimer = setTimeout('RedirectToWelcomePage()', parseInt(sessionTimeout, 10) * 60 * 1000);

var milisec = 0
var seconds = 60
var minutes = globalmins;

function display() {
    if (minutes + ":" + seconds == "0.1") {
    else {
        if (milisec <= 0) {
            milisec = 10
            seconds -= 1
        if (seconds <= 0) {
            milisec = 0
            seconds = 60
            minutes -= 1
        if (minutes <= -1) {
            milisec = 0
            seconds = 0
            milisec -= 1
    var timestring = "Your session will expire in " + minutes + ":" + seconds + " Minutes"
    setTimeout("display();", 100)

//Session timeout
function RedirectToWelcomePage() {
    window.alert("Session expired. You will be redirected to some page");
    window.location = "Default.aspx";
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Shubh Agrahari 10-Sep-13 3:25am    
it reload timer every time when page reload or refresh..
Khandwawala Hatim 10-Sep-13 3:48am    
ok just comment the call of function display(); and call it from the server side once you login
Shubh Agrahari 10-Sep-13 3:52am    
i am getting HH:MM::SS formate so can u give me the code including hour:Minute:Timer on Counter....?

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