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I am looking for the best and easiest standard for send/receive data packet in TCP/IP protocol nnd also compress for my network bandwidth usage, in my software. I used to practice sending & receiving data packet via XML packet as string stream, but it's not fast enough to code and decode string for my new application, i want to send binary data stream for multi clients (such as FFT data and analog audio and etc), but in this case i guess it's not fast enough.

In my research i found some solutions:

1. ASN.1
2. protobuf

I am confused! which one of them is the best for my application via visual c++?
mohammadmot 11-Sep-13 0:15am     CRLF
I see the SDR-Radio software (, they have packet protocol that contain XML packet + Zip algorithm, but how can explain and implement? website: pdf link:
Richard MacCutchan 11-Sep-13 3:52am    
You would be better creating your own protocol between your client and server. Just compress the data at one end and uncompress at the other. You can prefix each message with some control bytes to help the process.
mohammadmot 14-Sep-13 4:57am    
Ok thanks, but i want use the standard packet that will use by other client system

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