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I have this code to draw kendo pie chart...and it's read data from json...the the title of the chart appear but the chart not appear

<div id="chart"></div>
     function createChart() {
             dataSource: {
                 transport: {
                     read: {
                         dataType: "json",
                         url: "/home/getData"
             title: {
                 text: "Break-up of Spain Electricity Production for 2008"
             legend: {
                 position: "bottom"

             series: [{
                 type: "pie",
                 field: "percentage",
                 categoryField: "source",
                 explodeField: "explode"
             seriesColors: ["#42a7ff", "#666666", "#999999", "#cccccc"],
             tooltip: {
                 visible: true,
                 template: "${ category } - ${ value }%"

     $(document).bind("kendo:skinChange", createChart);

and this is the function which return the json

public ActionResult getData()
           var data = "[{ 'source': 'Hydro','percentage': 22,'explode': true},{'source':'Solar','percentage':2,'explode': false},{'source':'Nuclear','percentage': 49,'explode': false},{'source':'Wind','percentage': 27,'explode': false}]";
           //return data;

           return this.Content(data, "application/json");

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