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Pls help me in this problem
how can i insert fast in for loop using paramertizered query
<pre lang="c#">
for(int i=0;i<=10000;i++)
string qry="insert into demo(id,text,name,age,address)values(@id,@text,@name,@age,@address)";
MySqlParameter idP=new MySqlParameter(@id",0);
MySqlParameter textP=new MySqlParameter(@text,slipno/2012-13/);
MySqlParameter nameP=new MySqlParameter(@name,Ram);
MySqlParameter ageP=new MySqlParameter(@age,33);
MySqlParameter addressP=new MySqlParameter(@address",house no#01,new street,New delhi,India);
Love 2 code 12-Sep-13 4:15am
Have you looked into bulk insert, and there might be another way look here:
pankajgarg1986 12-Sep-13 4:35am
i am not using Bulkinsert due to address detai in my query.In Address it appears , then problem in insert

1 solution

That commenter got my vote. Yes I too go with BULK INSERT. If you don't want BULK INSERT then build single query & execute once(check the below link).
Insert multiple records into MySQL with a single query[^]

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