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I am looking for a good tutorial (I have seen them but can not find them) that would go through showing the proper way to setup and develop a MVC4 based website that uses partial views that load asynchronously. Picture the sites with the little loading gifs for the individual sections on the page.

I want to create it using jquery that makes an AJAX call to a controller that then loads the model with a partial view for the base. Then if an action occurs it would make an AJAX call (via HttpPost usually) that would load JSON.

So the flow of my little controls would be as such:
Full page response loads a view that contains javascript that makes an AJAX call to a controller that loads a partial view with the model. Once the page is loaded ($(document).ready) it would make the ajax call to the server to get it's initial state.
If this little control has some functionality to it then it can make subsequent calls via AJAX to the controller and be returned JSON based data (or occasionally another partial view).

Is there a tutorial that shows me how to do this? I have gone through some but all seem to be missing some piece of the puzzle.

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You are searching for everything where as you can get something in each article/ posts, just pick what you needed and move on. You can not get a complete bunch of what you exactly need you just needs to 'connect the dots' ;)
MVC websites with asynchronous partial views[^]
Render Partial View using Jquery Ajax[^]
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