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I have a datagrigview connected to a database. I want to delete record from datagridview, if i select record and press the delete button the record deleted, But if i close app and start it again the record still appear and the record below i selected has been deleted.
can any one tell me what's wrong..
dataadapter.DeleteCommand = new SqlCeCommand("delete from Glasses where id= '" + (((DataRowView)bindingsources.Current).Row[9].ToString()) + "'");
Updated 14-Sep-13 8:13am
abbaspirmoradi 14-Sep-13 13:14pm    
Becuase you just delete row from datagrigview not from the database..
PIEBALDconsult 14-Sep-13 13:32pm    
"I have a datagrigview connected to a database"

Ah, but you don't; there are several layers in between. One of which is a DataTable, on which you probably need to AcceptChanges. And another of which may be a DataAdapter, on which you probably need to Update.

All-in-all; you may find database work easier if you avoid DataAdapters.

Try this:
string deletestr = "delete from Glasses where id= '" +
                              (((DataRowView)bindingsources.Current).Row[9].ToString()) + "'";

           using (SqlCommand sqlCmd = new SqlCommand(deletestr, SqlConnction))

                catch (Exception)
                  //show error

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Member 9557321 14-Sep-13 13:31pm    
there is no error opining connection or execute query.
abbaspirmoradi 14-Sep-13 13:46pm    
get your query string and test it in sqlQuery in your sql sever management studio..
Member 9557321 14-Sep-13 14:33pm    
no error in query string
Check the value as the follows:
string value_ID = ((DataRowView)bindingsources.Current).Row[9].ToString();

I think the value won't be the id value what you are looking for.

The other solution can be if you delete the single quotes from your delete script.
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Member 9557321 14-Sep-13 14:09pm    
yes dear i checked it and it returns the id for below record i have selected
i don't know why!!
norbitrial 15-Sep-13 4:30am    
The other solution can be if you delete the single quotes from your delete script.

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