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var numb = (from st in obj.Wishlist_tables
                join X in obj.movie_details on st.movie_id equals X.Id
                where st.username == Session["user"].ToString()
                select new { X.price }).ToArray();
    int x = numb.Count();
    int[] ary = new int[x];
    Int32[] data = new Int32[x];
    int sum = 0;
    for (int i = 0; i < x; i++ )
        data[i] =Convert.ToInt32(numb[i]);


    for (int j = 0; j < x; j++)
        sum += data[j];

    lbl_totalprice.Text = sum.ToString();

this is the query
1st i want to find out the values from database by linq which is fond and i puted that values in a var type varible numb now i want to store these values in array and then i want to add ol of these valus
BillWoodruff 16-Sep-13 1:15am    
What is the problem right now ? And, why do you declare int[] ary, and never use it ?

Since you know how to use Linq: how about:
lbl_totalprice.Text = numb.Sum(amt => Convert.ToInt32(amt)).ToString();
Note that code assumes that every entry in 'numb is an integer: so, it will cause a System.FormatException error, if any item in numb is not an integer.
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Omprakash Kukana 16-Sep-13 3:16am    
i hav problem tha i hv ol the values in data[i] 200, 300 from datbase now i want to add these values how can i do this?
Convert string[] to int[] in one string of code using LINQ

Check it
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