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i am created dll file for connection to db and it fine working. And i have install new server , at this server i'm installing this software. but on new server problem in connection on sa user. so please tell me how to define sa user on db.
Maciej Los 17-Sep-13 4:21am    
What kind of connection-string do you use?

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You should not be connecting as the sa user through your software at all - it is a super user ID which is set up by default, and is extremely dangerous - it should be removed from the SQL instance, or at least have the name and password changed to prevent unauthorised people accessing the system - and it sounds like it has in this case.

You should create users with permission to access the specific database(s) they need, and limit their permissions to the minimum needed to do their job - it is dangerous to give "generic full permissions" to a user id that should only add, select and update records as that gives unauthorised people another route to copy or damage your DB.

Probably, you need to talk to whoever set up the SQL instance, and find out what user ids you should be using instead of sa.
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Abhilask kumar 17-Sep-13 13:29pm    
Please tell me how to know what is my sa current password.
OriginalGriff 17-Sep-13 14:02pm    
Unless you have written it down somewhere, or remembered it, you can't find it short of a brute force attack on your database system.

That is kind of the idea of passwords: if you don't know it, you can't get in. If it was easy to find it out, you wouldn't be protected at all would you?
If you have no record of it, then pretty much all you can do is uninstall SQL and hope it doesn't "remember" the passwords when you re-install...

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