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I have an menu control in master page and generating the menu content from database according the role..but now i am stuck don't know how to assign an navigation url of content page .....please tell me how do i generate an navigate url property of menu control dynamically according to the content page...

1 solution

try the below code its working on my projects. Put the below code in your master page or where ever you have the menu control placed. I have used List here. You can use data table also using the same code. PopulateChildMenuItems function is called for recursively adding child menu items

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (HttpContext.Current.Session["UserDetails"] == null)
if (!this.IsPostBack)

protected void populateMenuItems()
userDetails = (UserBAL)(HttpContext.Current.Session["UserDetails"]);

List<menubal> menuItems = CacheMaster.getMenuList(userDetails.UserID); //MenuDAL.getMenuList(userDetails.UserID);

List<menubal> parentMenuItems = menuItems.FindAll(x => x.ParentMenuID == 0);

foreach (MenuBAL item in parentMenuItems)
MenuItem mnuParent = new MenuItem();
//mnuParent.Target = item.MenuURL;
mnuParent.Text = item.MenuName;
mnuParent.NavigateUrl = item.MenuURL;
mnuParent.Value = item.MenuID.ToString();

populateChildItems(ref mnuParent, menuItems);


protected void populateChildItems(ref MenuItem parentMenuItem, List<menubal> menuList)
Int32 parentMenuID = Convert.ToInt32(parentMenuItem.Value);
List<menubal> childItems = menuList.FindAll(x => x.ParentMenuID == parentMenuID);

foreach (MenuBAL item in childItems)
MenuItem childMenu = new MenuItem();

childMenu.Text = item.MenuName;
//childMenu.Target = item.MenuURL;
childMenu.NavigateUrl = item.MenuURL;
childMenu.Value = item.MenuID.ToString();

populateChildItems(ref childMenu, menuList);

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