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I have a website that was made with VS2010 ASP.NET C#. I just ran the Publish Web Site tool and have it saved on my desktop. I have copied it to the server desktop. This is where I am stuck. The server is a 2003 server with IIS on it. It also have other websites running on it. I have used Google for help with this and followed every step by step information on how to add this to IIS but it still will not work. Can someone help me with this?
Updated 18-Sep-13 4:25am
ZurdoDev 18-Sep-13 10:33am
It depends on what you are doing. In IIS either add a new virtual directory or a new website and then point to where you have the code.
Computer Wiz99 18-Sep-13 10:37am
I have a website in place and it is running. I am trying to add the ASP.NET application on my current site. So in all the current is and i want the application to be like this Something to that effect.
ZurdoDev 18-Sep-13 10:45am
OK, so in IIS add a new virtual directory under newdeal and call it start and point it to your code.
Computer Wiz99 18-Sep-13 10:56am
In IIS I have the Web Sites folder and in it there is Default Web Site and Microsoft SharePoint Administration. In Default Web Site I expand it and there are a lot of folders with expandables on them.
ZurdoDev 18-Sep-13 11:42am
So default is likely your so add it under there. But I can't tell you without seeing it. You have to figure it out.

1 solution

Step 1 : Create precompiled version of your web application.
Step 2 : Go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot folder
Step 3 : Create a folder 'Your Site Name'
Step 4 : Open IIS
Step 5 : Create a new Website. A popup will come up.
Step 6 : set the physical path to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\your site name
Step 7 : Check the access permissions
Step 8 : Set the port Name some thing like 600
Step 7 : This will create a virtual directory inside the server.
Step 8 : Go to Application pool, There will be a list of Application.
Step 9 : Select the name that you provided for your site.
Step 10: Please check the .NET version.
step 11 : save
step 12 : open internet explorer.Change the proxy to accept port 600
step 13 : URl : Your site name
Step 14 : This is the solution

I have used this method in IIS 7. This will work in all IIS versions. Only the interface will be different.
Computer Wiz99 18-Sep-13 10:53am
Ok ashokm01, Thanks for the step by step but I must have gotten lost at a step. Some are not to clear.
ashokm01 19-Sep-13 0:38am
can you send me the details where you lost. There are many tutorials available to solve this problem. Just google it.

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