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Before asking this question i wanna told you that i have been googling since 2 week but not satisfied with my queries.
I have completed an application in c# (for Single user)
now, i want to run it on different computers with different users login accessing a single DB.
my Queries are.

How Can It Possible..?

Is HUB, Router,Switch Needed..?

Is there need to add some extra code in you application..?

What about the permission to SQL Server 2012 to access database remotely..?

What about the Connection String in your code..?

How can i Set up this network..?

Thank in Advance. :)

1 solution

In practice, yes, you will need a hub, router or switch - this acts as the "core" of a modern network and allows higher speeds (much, much higher speeds) than under the older "one-wire-to-everybody" multi drop coaxial design. Modern ADSL or Cable modems generally provide 4 or so wired and a number of wireless ports, as well as acting as the DHCP controller to assign the IP addresses.

If you are working on a LAN, then SQL Server will normally be automatically configured to work fine when it is installed - you really only need to worry about remote access when you want to access the DB from the internet - which is a seriously bad idea from a security POV.

Install SQL Server on one PC, work out the connection string to it from a different one, and put that in a config file (so that if you need to move SQL to a different PC you don;t need to recompile your program) and access the value from there in your APP.

Yes, you will need to add code in your application - but it's not too complex, depending on exactly what you want to do with the DB - it can be simple, or it can be horribly complicated, but that is down to the application and it's requirements. There are a huge range of books, web tutorials, and so forth that can show you what to do there.
Ghalib Mirza 20-Sep-13 9:02am
Thanx @OriginalGriff but i think this little information is quite too less for a beginner. :(
please give me the link to that tutorials or pdfs
OriginalGriff 20-Sep-13 10:56am
Too be honest, and not trying to be rude - if you can't work it out from there, then the task is probably a bit beyond your grasp at present - you need to have a good idea what a database is, and how to use one effectively before you start thinking about multi user access and so forth.

I would recommend that you start with something rather simpler, and build your way up - whole books on SQL alone! :laugh:
Ghalib Mirza 21-Sep-13 0:22am
OK :/

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