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Dear Sir,

I am working on a project DTS(Document Tracking System), in this i want to
read a barcode from a application form using barcode scanner and set the barcode value into a textbox. Plz tell me how it is possible...
[no name] 20-Sep-13 5:52am    
Did you read the documentation for your scanner? Did you look at any example programs provided by the manufacturer? Did you search for other questions asking the exact same thing and read the answers there?
Member 10286439 21-Sep-13 10:10am    
thnx for rply.. a barcode sticker already pasted on the form(document) i just want to read barcode number from there through barcode scanner and the bacode number set into a textbox of a just like a data entry form.. i m working on a document tracking system...

plz provide me a example of this type..
Member 10286439 21-Sep-13 10:15am    
i have no idea about this code ... i m a student and making a new project of this type.

1 solution

1. Attach the bar code scanner to the PC
2. Install any drivers that were provided by the bar code scanner vendor
3. Start your application
4. Ensure that the cursor is in the TextBox where you want the barcode
5. Point the bar code scanner at the barcode and press the scan trigger
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Member 10286439 21-Sep-13 10:21am    
plz provide any example...
Mike Meinz 21-Sep-13 10:50am    
An example of what? I gave you the steps to follow.

You don't have to write any code. The bar code scanner "simulates" the keyboard and will put the bar code value in the TextBox in which the cursor resides.
Member 10286439 23-Sep-13 3:31am    
Mukesh Pr@sad 4-May-18 2:02am    
how can we retrict the barcode for specific textbox? I mean scanner should put the barcode only on a specific textbox of the form not on the other elements.
Mike Meinz 4-May-18 6:40am    
The barcode puts the scanned text in the textbox where the cursor is located.

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