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I have need to add Login view on Master page. i add it using partial view.

public ActionResult Login()
           return PartialView();

       public ActionResult Login(login response)
           string uname = response.uname;
           string pwd = response.pwd;
           login l = new login();
           int i = l.loginuser(uname, pwd);
           if (i > 0)
               return RedirectToAction("Index", "Admin");
               return View();


when it post back then it show error: Child actions are not allowed to perform redirect actions.

Please help me for solve that Problem

Thanx with Regards
Zoltán Zörgő 21-Sep-13 2:52am
This is quite normal. Since there can be many partial views rendered on a page, it would be a mess if several redirects would be issued. Share your view also. You can render partial.
AnkushSharma100 21-Sep-13 3:00am
On my master page:
<%= Html.Action("Login","Home") %>

and on Login Partial page

<%using (Html.BeginForm("Index","Admin"))
{ %>
<td style="width:100%; text-align:center;">
<table style="width:92%; text-align:left; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" >
<tr><td style="width:100%;">Username or Email <br />

<%= Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.uname, new {id="b1", @class="LoginTextBox"})%>
<tr><td style="width:100%;">Password <br />

<%= Html.PasswordFor(m => m.pwd, new { @class = "LoginTextBox" })%>
<input type="image" name="Login" title="Login" class="Masterlogin" src="../../Content/images/login.jpg" style="height:25px;width:85px;border-width:0px;" />
<tr><td class="remember-me">
<span title="Uncheck if using shared computer."><input id="ctl00_CYBEX_LOGIN_Remember_Me" type="checkbox" name="ctl00$CYBEX_LOGIN$Remember_Me" checked="checked" /><label for="ctl00_CYBEX_LOGIN_Remember_Me">Remember Me</label></span>
<tr><td class="forgotPassword">
» Register Now
<tr><td class="forgotPassword">
» Forgot Password ?
<% }%>
Kush kant dayal 25-Jun-14 9:41am
Following is your Controller action method:
public ActionResult ShowPartialViewUsingCode()
RechargeMobileViewModel objModel = new RechargeMobileViewModel();
objModel.ListAllMonthsName = objModel.getAllDataforTextFile();
return PartialView("_RechargeMobileView.cshtml", objModel);

Following is your code snippet for rendering partial view in your view

MvcVariousApplication.Models.RechargeMobileViewModel objModel = new MvcVariousApplication.Models.RechargeMobileViewModel();
Html.RenderPartial("~/Views/Shared/_rechargemobileview.cshtml", objModel);

1 solution

Please choose a different name for the partial view like _Login and then try to redirect . You can't perform redirect action over Partial View . PartialView nothing but some resusable portion of a html.
Hope this helps
AnkushSharma100 21-Sep-13 6:04am
i m changed the name of partial view but same error will generate...
Jameel VM 21-Sep-13 8:20am
in which action you are try to redirect and when?
AnkushSharma100 22-Sep-13 5:01am

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