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Friends i have a problem in my project.i hope to get your help here.
my problem is,
i need to upload image in my android mobile to my web server using web using ksoap my project , i can register user ,login user
but now i need to upload android mobile images to web server.

i ll put user registration code ------------------------------------------------------

public void onClick(View arg0) {

		EditText pasword = (EditText) findViewById(;
		EditText confpasword = (EditText) findViewById(;
		if (pasword.getText().toString().equals(confpasword.getText().toString())) {
			SoapServiceProvider service = new SoapServiceProvider();
			EditText txtName = (EditText) findViewById(;
			EditText txtEmail = (EditText) findViewById(;
			Object result = service.getService(new String[][] {
					{ "Name", txtName.getText().toString() },
					{ "Email", txtEmail.getText().toString() },
					{ "Password", pasword.getText().toString() } },
			if (result.toString().equals("True"))
				Toast.makeText(RegisterActivity.this, "Registartion Sucessfully", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
				Toast.makeText(RegisterActivity.this, "Error Occure", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
			Toast.makeText(RegisterActivity.this, "Password not matching", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();


    public string userRegistartion(string Name, string Email, string Password)
        string sql = "INSERT INTO Persons (Name, Email, PassWord, IMEI,state) ";
        sql += " VALUES  ('" + Name + "', '" + Email + "', '" + Password + "', '','2')";

        dbAccess db = new dbAccess();

        return db.UPDATE(sql).ToString();



i did that now i need to upload the image also same way that i register users.
this is the folder path i need to upload that image

can u guys give me a good solution for this?
if u have some unclear places please ask me.
Updated 21-Sep-13 4:54am

1 solution

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Thilantdm 21-Sep-13 13:49pm    
thankz friend for those going to try those now.but most of them are php and java.and none of them use ksoap.
ridoy 21-Sep-13 13:56pm    
Ok,then also check these:,
Thilantdm 21-Sep-13 15:40pm    
those links are good.thanks my im trying using ur links.thank a lot.i ll let u know about working or not.thnkz again
ridoy 21-Sep-13 16:32pm    
Will be glad if those could help you.

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