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I have a project created in using visual studio. I tried hosting it using IIS it opens on my machine but i cannot access it from other machine connected by LAN.

I have shared the folder where my code is stored also configured firewall to allow http locally still the site cannot be accessed from other machine.
ArunRajendra 23-Sep-13 1:27am
See the IIS log to see if the request is reaching till IIS. Use fiddler to track the request and response.
nik_0811 23-Sep-13 1:43am
there is nothing in IIS log. So may be requests are not reaching IIS. also im not using the default portal i.e 80 is that by any means affecting the access?
ArunRajendra 23-Sep-13 1:57am
use tracert to find out the route to your site and see where it is getting blocked. And as previously mentioned use fiddler on the machine from where your are requesting the page?


Read the solution : StackOverflow[^]

Now something you may miss :

1. Network Services full permission at that particular folder
2. Check Firewall setting
nik_0811 23-Sep-13 2:21am
I have configured both Network services and firewall for both the machines as mentioned on the solution provided by you but stil it is not working
Suvabrata Roy 23-Sep-13 2:25am
Are you able to telnet that particular machine's IP with 80 ( port which you hosted the app) ?
nik_0811 23-Sep-13 2:32am
the app is on 83 not 80 yes i can telnet the ip from that machine
Suvabrata Roy 23-Sep-13 2:47am
then try this http://[IP]:83//[FolderName]//[PageName]
nik_0811 23-Sep-13 2:49am
without disabling firewall i tried that but its not accessible.
Suvabrata Roy 23-Sep-13 2:52am
I think your firewall have some kind of restriction over HTTP request. so you can add IIS and port to exception list.
nik_0811 23-Sep-13 3:09am
added port to exception list still if firewall is enabled its not working may be some other issue with the firewall.
I disabled the firewall completely now i can access the site . But still any other way with which i can keep my firewall on and access the site are still welcome
Suvabrata Roy 23-Sep-13 2:48am
I think your firewall have some kind of restriction over HTTP request. so you can add IIS and port to exception list.

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