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Administrators want to lock deployed device down and we need more than 1MB.

What is the process for installing Silverlight and setting a larger Isolation Store Quota for a particular domain (or all domains)?

The goal is to not require user intervention?

A post indicated administrators could increase quota, but I cannot find documentation confirming this.

Is this doable? If so, how and in what versions of Silverlight?


I don't think that it is possible in Silverlight but you can write code to increase the IsolatedStorage quota programmatically & this requires user intervention.

Let me know if you need any sample code on this.
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RickT_RSTC wrote:
Is this doable?

It can be done.
See here[^].
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Hi Abhinav,

If you read the question carefully, you will notice that RickT_RSTC mentioned some points:

1. The goal is to not require user intervention
2. administrators could increase quota

For these options, I don't think your link will answer properly.

As best of my knowledge, you can't increase the quota without user intervention. There might be some trick to do that. I am not sure on it. But, by default, this is not possible.

Let us know, if you have some links on that.
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Sorry, I forgot to mention one thing. He needs to change the quota for all applications (RickT_RSTC, please correct me if I am wrong) by the administrator.

But, you can increase the quota of IsolatedStorage for each application by calling IncreaseQuotaTo() method. This doesn't do it for any application.
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