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Pls some one tell that how to insert values in 2 tables in single query, the table structure are:

Aircraft table

aid aname cruisingrange

and another table is


eid aid salary

these are the fields for both tables and i want to insert values in both tables in single query using primary and foreign key relationship using the trransaction

Pls some one tell......

1 solution

Essentially you can't update more than one table in a single query in sql2005

However, there are other ways to achieve the same effect - transactions, triggers, OUTPUT ...

Have a look at the responses to this link for some specific examples[^]
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Maciej Los 23-Sep-13 15:36pm    
CHill60 23-Sep-13 15:42pm    
Thank you!
chander rani 28-Sep-13 8:28am    
I dont understand this, Pls help me with another example.
CHill60 29-Sep-13 15:35pm    
There were several different ways suggested on that link if I remember rightly. Basically, you cannot update two tables in a single query. My recommendation would be to create a Stored Procedure that contains two separate update statements. You can call the SP from (e.g.) C# as a single "call"

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