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Hi i want to check user entered email id is valid or not. i am using validation for checking email id but i want to check that email id is real or fake.
leonidasvijay 25-Sep-13 4:51am
If you want to check the authenticity then you have to send a verification like statement to the entered emailid. And ask user to verify his or her account.

As you have seen in many of the social networking site, once you register to the site, they will send an activation link in your registered email address. and once you register you will get activated.

Because of this activation link they can come to know that email address registered is correct.

For example :

If I register email address then my validation will pass this email address because it will just check the format of the mail not whether this email really exists or not.

So to confirm that whether registered email address is correct or not, they will send an email with activation link. and if I donot have that email address I will not be able to login and click on the activation link. So after some period of time if I donot get activated they will remove my registration.

In the same way you can follow this process.

This link can help you.
Validate an Email Address [^]

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You can do a basic check to see if it qualifies as a valid email address: has an '@' character, long enough on both sides, appears to be a domain address on the right, but the only other thing you can do is send an email to it with a link back to your site and see if they respond. If they do, it's a valid email address and one that is monitored.

What I do is send an email with a link containing a query string GUID value and the user ID - I then check that the id and GUID match, and only if so is the registration completed.

This is not infallible though: I can think of at least two "temporary" email address sites where I can get an email address which is valid and monitorable for about ten minutes - after that it is destroyed and won't work any more.
you have to take validation control ,u can add this properity..

RegularExpression --- valid email format like...
If you want to check whether the email id is real or fake from your application then you need to buy web service from google or yahoo.They from provide you service that will tell whether
the email the user has entered exist in their database or not.

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