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I want to create setup in this setup i want include the crystal report and .net framework set.
but when the i want to install the setup that time automatically install the .net framework and crystal report.

thanks in advance
[no name] 25-Sep-13 7:41am    
And did you maybe have some sort of a question?
basurajkumbhar 25-Sep-13 7:49am    
what do you mean want to say?
[no name] 25-Sep-13 7:52am    
I mean exactly what I said. Did you have some sort of a question that you want to ask? Did you maybe want to describe some sort of a problem? "I want" is not a question or a problem and how to create installation packages instructions could be found by a simple google search.
basurajkumbhar 25-Sep-13 7:57am    
I know how to create setup in
I don't no how to include crystal report exe files and frame work file in that setup.
[no name] 25-Sep-13 7:59am    
The exact same way you include your other files. Read the documentation for whatever setup creation package you are using and it will tell you all about it.

In the solution explorer right-click on your startup project>properties>publish>publish wizard...
and follow the instructions onscreen ;)

click on "pre-requisites" to add crystal, .net, etc.
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refer to these steps:
1) Click 'File' -> 'Add' -> 'New Project'.
2) Goto 'Other Project Types' and 'Setup and Development'.
3) Choose 'Setup Project'.
4) In the 'Solution Explorer' rightclick on your setup project.
5) Choose 'Properties'.
6) Click 'Prerequisites...' button.
7) Choose your prerequisites (e.g. .NET Framework, Windows Installer).
8) Press 'OK', press 'Apply'.
9) Rightclick on 'Application Folder' in the left File System window.
10) Choose 'Add' -> 'Project Output'
11) When done, rightclick in the Right File System window.
12) Choose 'Add' and whatever you want to add to the application directory
during installation.
13) Rightclick on 'Project output from ....'
14) Select 'Create shorcut to Primary output from ...'
15) Rightclick on 'Shorcut to Primary output from...'
16) Choose 'Rename'
17) Name it after your application.
18) Select it and drag it to the left to 'User's Program Menu'.
19) (Build solution) Build your setup project.
20) In the setup project directory you'll find the .exe and .msi file to
install your application.
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