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i want to validate phone number for mobile application, before submitting form.. how can i?

I have tried the following code,but it allows " 9999.99999","999999999+",(maxlength is 10)..

if (isNaN(mobile))
    // else if(num.test(mobile) == false)
       alert("Invalid phone number");
        $( "#mphone" ).focus();

         return false;

my requirement: it should not allow spaces between number and it should not allow(.,+,- between number). should allow only number 9999999999

Help me please....
Updated 26-Sep-13 0:06am

You tend to annoy users when they don't know the correct format you want for your mobile no. I only check that the user has entered only digits.

if (! /^\d+$/.test(mobile) ){
//This does not contain digits.

//or if you want to check for a certain number of digits

if (! /^\d{8}$/.test(mobile) ){
//This string does not have 8 digits.
Brian A Stephens 27-Sep-13 9:18am
This regex allows any number of digits. He said it should be 10 max. There should obviously be a minimum too, but that was not stated.
Thomas ktg 30-Sep-13 1:14am
The second link gives in here states the limitation of the phone number. I think this could be used to limit the numbers to maximum or minimum.
Hi Ramkumar,

I hope this link[^] would help you a bit

Try to google out something you will find some more optimized solutions for your requirement.


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