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I Use this method.DataGridview Craete but Data not despaly gridview to solve this problum.plz ant one can help me.thank you.

DataTable coldt = new DataTable();
        DataTable hawbb = new DataTable();
        String MAWBNumber = DropdownMAWB.Text.ToString().Trim();
        String hubCode = DropdownHubList.Text.ToString().Trim();
        hawbb = Ih.getHAWBWList(MAWBNumber, hubCode);

        //instance of a datatable  
        //instance of a datarow  
        DataRow drow;
        //creating two datacolums Column1 and Column2    
        DataColumn dcol1 = new DataColumn("Column1", typeof(string));
        DataColumn dcol2 = new DataColumn("Column2", typeof(string));
        //adding datacolumn to datatable  

        //loop the rows
        for (int r = 0; r < hawbb.Rows.Count; r++)
                //instance of a datarow  
                drow = coldt.NewRow();
                //add rows to datatable  
                //add Column values  
                coldt.Rows[r][dcol1] = hawbb.Rows[r][0].ToString().Trim();
                coldt.Rows[r][dcol2] = hawbb.Rows[r][1].ToString().Trim();

                //set gridView Datasource as dataTable dt.  
                TAXGridview.DataSource = hawbb;
                //Bind Datasource to gridview  

I need to bind data from my Dynamic Gridview??
Updated 29-Sep-13 20:00pm
xibit89 27-Sep-13 2:57am
I think u should put the DataTable coldt = new DataTable() and DataTable hawbb = new DataTable() in ViewState and then u should bind it to ur GridView.

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