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I debug the following code :
double dbActualProductionNormalHourMonthly = diffActualProductionNormalHourDaily + Convert.ToDouble(DTLOCALNRows.Rows[r]["ActualProductionNormalHourMonthly"].ToString());
double dbActualProductionExtraHourMonthly = diffActualProductionExtraHourDaily + Convert.ToDouble(DTLOCALNRows.Rows[r]["ActualProductionExtraHourMonthly"].ToString());
double dbActualProductionTotalHourMonthly = diffActualProductionTotalHourDaily + Convert.ToDouble(DTLOCALNRows.Rows[r]["ActualProductionTotalHourMonthly"].ToString());

But the problem is that when the value of diffActualProductionNormalHourDaily is 40 and
Convert.ToDouble(DTLOCALNRows.Rows[r]["ActualProductionNormalHourMonthly"].ToString())=4100 then
double dbActualProductionNormalHourMonthly shows 4100. The other two line is ok. What is the problem please help me. How can I get rid of the problem!!!!
Updated 29-Sep-13 19:58pm
[no name] 30-Sep-13 3:00am
debug and check what's going into those variables...use quick watch in vs
Sumon562 30-Sep-13 3:03am
I checked and use quick watch. It's ok but the result is wrong

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