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jquery(each version) put the head

<script src=".....jquery1.x.x">

when the finish page load --- does the jquery file download in client side?

what happen?

jquery or jquery.min : effect and improve website speed---which?
Updated 30-Sep-13 2:33am
[no name] 30-Sep-13 4:49am
min file is minified version,with less size compared to normal file.
use firefox with firebug and yslow add on , u can know better, or try fiddler for traffic(you can requests ur site make to server from browser)
Nelek 30-Sep-13 5:40am
Please get used to write proper english. SMS-Chat makes your apportations look not serious. Besides, not all people are english speakers and can have problems understanding what you say.

see you will find three version of java script file in your jquery.

-vsdoc.js is there to provide intellisence for the visual studio. If you dont need intelligence you can remove this.

- .min version is the minfied verison of the javascript. Which is less in size and is basically for production environment.

.js is the the normal file contains everything. So it depends on you wht you want to use.
when the finish page load --- does the jquery file download in client side?

Jquery file is downloaded at client machine.

jquery or jquery.min : effect and emprove website speed---which?

jquery.min version is faster than other jquery files.

1. Try to bundle & minification your script and css files. That will improve the page performance.

2. Try to refer the jQuery library files from the CDN (Content Delivery Network).

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