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Good day all.

I have two excel spread sheets.
Sheet 1 is where the user needs to enter data.
Sheet 2 is used as data source for dropdown lists in sheet 1.

I want to do the following.
When I select a value from a dropdown in sheet 1 I would like to have a different cell populate with data based on where the value of the dropdown is on sheet 2.

Is there any way of doing this? If so how can I do it?

I have not been able to find anything in the lines of what I am looking for on google.
Perhaps I'm not searching for the correct phrase I don't know.
My excel skills are rather limited.

So any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some sample data. Sheet 2:
Staff ClassRoom
Queries 099
Media A01
L van Schalkwyk A02
J Bernu A05
N Pappin A06
I O Neill A07
M Henderson A08
I Lemmer A09
H Hoffman A11
H Stals A12
S Meyer A13
P Janse van A14
H Venter A15
N Barnard A16
J Oosthuysen A17
T van Straten A18
D Linde / H Fincham B01
L Brits B02

Expected output would be if I select the Classroom from the dropdown(Column A1) in sheet 1 that Column D1 is set to the Staff in the same row as the selected (So if B2 is selected in Sheet 1 (A1) I want to display A2 in in D1 on sheet 1.

I hope this clarifies the question a bit better.
Updated 1-Oct-13 23:20pm
Maciej Los 1-Oct-13 6:46am    
Not clear. Please, be more specific and provide more details (Sheet2 sample data, Sheet1 entered value and expected output). Use "Improve question" widget.
ZurdoDev 2-Oct-13 7:48am    
I don't quite follow what you are asking but I believe the INDIRECT() function will do it. If you want to pull the value from different cells based on conditions use INDIRECT()

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