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this is my first ssas project.

i've created 3 dimensions for adventureworksDW database.

dimproduct, dimdate & dimcustomer by using respective tables.

But first two dimensions are deployed & processed successfully.

but while deploying dimcustomer dimension, i'm facing lot of errors. i couldn't figure out why?

please help.


1. server: the operations has been cancelled.
2. internal error: the operation terminated unsuccessfully.
3. oledb or olebc error , operation cancelled hy008.
4. errors in olap storage engine: an error occured while the dimension with the id of 'dim customer', name of dimcustomer was being processed.
Updated 1-Oct-13 10:14am
Mubin M. Shaikh 2-Oct-13 14:34pm    

Have you tried to process your dimension dimcustomer seperatedly? Please try to look into detailed error and send? when you expand + tree view of dimension processed you can see more details of error.
Member 10299303 6-Oct-13 13:17pm    
Mubin, thanks for your response.

Yes, I processed dimension dimcustomer separately but still i'm facing the same issue.

Below are the detailed errors, when i expanded the tree structure:

1. Processing Dimension Attribute 'Customer Alternate Key' failed. 10000 rows have been read.

(i) Server: The operation has been cancelled. Errors in the OLAP storage engine: An error occurred while the 'Customer Alternate Key' attribute of the 'Dim Customer' dimension from the 'secondSSAS' database was being processed.

2. Processing Dimension Attribute 'Geography Key' failed.
(i) OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Operation canceled; HY008.

3. Processing Dimension Attribute 'Middle Name' failed.

(i) OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Operation canceled; HY008.

FYI - I've also searched for customeralternate key in dimcustomer table for duplicates. But i didn't find any duplicates.

Also, I'm facing this issue only with Dimcustomer table which is having around 18000 records.

Please help with this case.

1 solution

Hi Friends,

Somehow I managed to solve my issue.

The issue exists with the coloumns i've selected for dimcustomer table while creating dimension, which is having duplicate values.

To solve this, I've choosen key coloumn & value coloumn of the dimension/attributes. Ofcourse, I've choosen the keycoloumn to be multidimensional one.

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