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I m trying to get the difference bet two days in minutes.
i m having 4 text boxes are as follows
1. txtDateIn
2. txtTimeIn
3. txtDateOut
4. txtTimeOut

i m getting the difference between the dates and also getting the time difference but my problem is that the result is not correct...

if i enter the same date i.e
txtDateOut =3/3/3010,txtDateIn =3/3/3010,
txtTimeOut=12:06 AM,txtTimeOut=12:07 AM,
then the result must be the difference of 1 minutes
but it give the result as 24. which is wrong.

code is given bellow
pls help me ....

DateTime d1,d2,t1,t2;
d2=DateTime .Parse (txtDateOut.Text );
d1=DateTime .Parse (txtDateIn.Text ) ;
t2 = DateTime.Parse(txtTimeOut.Text) ;
t1 = DateTime.Parse(txtTimeIn.Text);
TimeSpan d_diff = d2.Subtract(d1);
TimeSpan t_diff = t2.Subtract(t1);
date_diff = d_diff.TotalMinutes.ToString () ;
time_diff = t_diff.TotalMinutes.ToString (); 
TimeSpan total_diff=TimeSpan .Parse(date_diff ).Add( TimeSpan .Parse (time_diff ));
txtCountTime.Text = total_diff.TotalHours.ToString();
Updated 17-Mar-10 2:59am

You should consider walking through your debugger to investigate the result step by step. Your overall approach is wrong. d2 and d1 have a time component and t2 and t1 have a date component. I don't think that you're going to get the results you expect this way. I think you should merge the date of d1 with the time of t1, and the same for d2 and t2, and then subtract those.

From JSOP: I 5'd you - great minds, and all that... :)
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sagar55 wrote:
TimeSpan total_diff=TimeSpan .Parse(date_diff ).Add( TimeSpan .Parse (time_diff ));

Problem is in this line of code.

sagar55 wrote:
TimeSpan .Parse (time_diff)

When you give this, Timespan is created as default of Day. So you define 1 day there to be added, thus you get 24 hours actually and not even 24 minutes!

Now, we can resolve it knowing this, but again there is a problem as you are defining date and time separately and handling separately.
You should do something like:
txtDateIn = "3/3/3010";
txtTimeIn = "12:06 AM";
txtDateOut = "3/3/3010";
txtTimeOut = "12:07 AM";

d1 = DateTime.Parse(txtDateIn + " " + txtTimeIn);
d2 = DateTime.Parse(txtDateOut + " " + txtTimeOut);
TimeSpan d_diff = d2.Subtract(d1);
txtCountTime.Text = d_diff.Minutes.ToString();
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You could try stepping through it in the debugger. I bet you see what's wrong in no time at all.

Besides that, why are you messing around with so much code?

DateTime d1 = DateTime.Parse(txtDateIn.Text).Date + DateTime.Parse(txtTimeIn);
DateTime d2 = DateTime.Parse(txtDateOut.Text).Date + DateTime.Parse(txtTimeIn);

// here's the difference between the two date times
TimeSpan diff = d1 - d2;
int minutes = diff.TotalMinutes;

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