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           string name = txt_name.Text;
           string email = txt_email.Text;
           string subject = txt_subject.Text;
           string msg = txt_area.Text;

           MailMessage m = new MailMessage();
           SmtpClient sc = new SmtpClient();
           m.From = new MailAddress("", "Vehicle Track");
           m.Sender = new MailAddress(email, name);
           m.To.Add(new MailAddress(destination email));
           m.To.Add(new MailAddress(destination email));

           m.Subject = subject;
           m.Body = msg;
           //similarly BCC m.Subject = "Test"; m.Body = "This is a Test Mail";
           sc.Host = "";
           sc.Port = 587;
           sc.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(email id from where email send, password;);

           sc.EnableSsl = true;
           txt_name.Text = "";
           txt_email.Text = "";
           txt_subject.Text = "";
           txt_area.Text = "";
           alert_div.Visible = true;
           alert_span.InnerHtml = "Message has been submitted";
       catch (Exception ex)
           alert_span.InnerHtml = "Could not send the e-mail";

when i use this in .net than it work properly but when i upload my site than it cant work
please help me
JoCodes 2-Oct-13 7:30am
IS it throwing some exception error messages? if so can you post that too?
Bama Boy 2-Oct-13 7:32am
no sir i cant get any message
but when i run in .net than it work
but not work when i upload my site
JoCodes 2-Oct-13 7:39am
Your host seems to be restricting your smtp access
Bama Boy 2-Oct-13 7:41am

you cant set gmail account as source address bcoz when you upload this project onto server gmail server prevent you to send mail.

so instead of using gmail address just create one email id on your server then try.
hope it will work
Bama Boy 2-Oct-13 7:34am
ok i will try
Please check the machine for services on which you deployed your code.
may be that dont have access too SMTP server

Or It seems some problem with SMTP . So firstly check for gmail smtp. if it works then later replace gmail smtp by yours.

SmtpClient tSmtpClient = new SmtpClient("",587);

Bama Boy 2-Oct-13 7:37am
ok sir i will try
Bama Boy 2-Oct-13 7:39am
i already given that host name and port no.
[no name] 2-Oct-13 7:41am
it means problem is with your machine network. The one on whihc you are uploaading dont have access to SMTP server
please have a look in this article. it works perfectly.
Bama Boy 2-Oct-13 7:53am

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