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I am Using free text search in sql server
my sp is like
Create procedure [dbo].[spExactSearch]
  @Keyword nvarchar(255)
      ,P.ValueTypeName as ProductCatName
FROM TenderDetail TD(NOLOCK)
   ValueType P(NOLOCK)
WHERE CONTAINS((ProductSubCatName), @Keyword)
Order By TD.CreatedDate desc

the problem is this is working fine for 1 word but when i am using more than 1 word
then it throws an error and i don't want to use Free Text
can someone suggest something like whatever be the value comes in @keyword free text count it as a single word like if i am Using "Stored Procedure" in place of @keyword then its working fine
thanks for help.....
Anurag Sinha V 3-Oct-13 2:32am    
Are you trying to compare one of the columns of the table to the @keyword variable?
Anurag Sinha V 3-Oct-13 2:33am    
If yes, then why don't you go for something like "columnname IN ('+@keyword+')'"??
Vishal Pand3y 3-Oct-13 2:47am    
yes i am using one column to compare
bt what i need is whatever is the content of @keyword it should be in single string like "@keyword"
thatraja 3-Oct-13 3:10am    
Any example inputs & outputs?
Vishal Pand3y 3-Oct-13 3:15am    
like with contain i have to use WHERE CONTAINS((ColumnName), '"First Second"')
so how i can convert@Keyword in that Format

1 solution

Hope helpful,
--You can store each word with single quote separated by commas into @Keyword variable
--Pass string with single quote ' seperated by , comm

Declare @Keyword varchar(200) = '''First'',''third'',''fifth'''
Declare @Query varchar(500)

set @Query = 'select * from TenderDetail where ProductSubCatName in (' + @Keyword + ')'

exec (@Query)
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Vishal Pand3y 6-Oct-13 3:38am    
thanks padam...

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