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Scope of my Issue:
I have been assigned the task to come up with a process for merging multiple Excel 2007 Workbooks into one singular sheet in one workbook. There are a few thousand separate files which need to be merged, and I really do not want to manually sort through them all.

My Question:
Is there a utility available to perform this task while maintaining the entries' Column location and populating the workbook by Row with the various files? Pointers on creating a utility that could do this would also be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Oct-13 15:03pm    
If this is problem of finding some utility, this is not a software development or computer science question, off-topic. If you needed to develop such utility, it would not be off-topic, but then you need to ask a question on your problems.
Member 10228054 5-Oct-13 5:12am    
Ah, my mistake. I had found a utility on this forum previously for another issue and thought that one of the functions of the forum was developing and sharing utilities. I suppose I was half-right. Thanks for the clarification!
Richard MacCutchan 5-Oct-13 3:42am    
If there is such a utility then you would need to use Google to find it. However, I suspect it is more likely that you would have to write it yourself. Also, I would not think it very sensible to merge thousands of worksheets into one single one.
Member 10228054 5-Oct-13 5:14am    
In the case of our worksheets, the data is all essentially the same in all of them. A singular file would apparently be easier to access, according to the Powers that Be. Maybe the solution would be to create a searching utility that accesses the files individually to locate a particular data entry. I'll bring that up with the IT department. Thanks for the comment!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Oct-13 22:08pm    

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