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hi i am using combobox inside datagrid and the combobox is in cellediting template
i just want to bind the selected item in the combobox to textblock inside the datgrid
if any knows how to do it help me here is my xaml:
<datagrid autogeneratecolumns="False" virtualizingstackpanel.isvirtualizing="False" grid.row="1" grid.columnspan="7" name="attendancegrid" removed="#FFDCE8EB" canuseraddrows="False">
                  BorderBrush="Chocolate" BorderThickness="5" RowHeight="30" IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem="True"  HorizontalGridLinesBrush="#FFB74646" IsReadOnly="False" Foreground="Black" Loaded="attendancegrid_Loaded" SelectionChanged="attendancegrid_SelectionChanged" CurrentCellChanged="attendancegrid_CurrentCellChanged" CellEditEnding="attendancegrid_CellEditEnding">
                <datagridtextcolumn header="Hours" binding="{Binding time}" fontsize="14" fontweight="Bold" isreadonly="True" width="100" />

                <datagridtemplatecolumn header="Monday" width="100">
                            <stackpanel orientation="Horizontal">
                                <combobox x:name="monday" width="50" selectedvalue="{Binding ProductName, Mode=TwoWay}" issynchronizedwithcurrentitem="true" loaded="monday_Loaded" selectionchanged="monday_SelectionChanged" xmlns:x="#unknown"></combobox>
                                <combobox x:name="staff" width="50" loaded="staff_Loaded" xmlns:x="#unknown"></combobox>
                                <textblock x:name="mon" text="{Binding ProductName}" xmlns:x="#unknown"></textblock>

                <Style TargetType="DataGridColumnHeader">
                    <setter property="FontSize" value="15" />
                    <setter property="FontWeight" value="Bold" />
                    <setter property="Foreground" value="Chocolate" />
                    <setter property="HorizontalContentAlignment" value="Center" />
Updated 7-Oct-13 22:43pm

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First, I don't understand why are you using DataGrid? You can create a much more simple solution using ItemsControl.

Second, You are trying to implement a Master-Detail pattern. The Combo-Box selected value is the Master and the TextBlock is the Details.

I've wrote a simple example that do exactly what you want to do in my article:

How to: Use the Master-Detail Pattern with WPF Hierarchical DataTemplate[^]

Please review it. If you have more questions I'll be happy to help.

Best Regards,

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