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I need to generate Table scripts and Stored procedure scripts dynamically from either C# or through stored procedure. Is it possible ?

For Example, We use to write stored proc to generate insert scripts given in the below link
Generating INSERT statements in SQL Server[^]. I want to do the same for tables scripts and stored procs scripts.

Please let me know any solution available for this.

Thanks & Regards,

1 solution

It's easy to do this with SMO, see Transfer; class for scripting operations and Database class for database operations (create, drop, etc). Usage looks like this:

private StringCollection GetTransferScript(Database database)
       var transfer = new Transfer(database);

       transfer.CopyAllObjects = true;
       transfer.CopyAllSynonyms = true;
       transfer.CopyData = false;

       // additional options
       transfer.Options.WithDependencies = true;
       transfer.Options.DriAll = true;
       transfer.Options.Triggers = true;
       transfer.Options.Indexes = true;
       transfer.Options.SchemaQualifyForeignKeysReferences = true;
       transfer.Options.ExtendedProperties = true;
       transfer.Options.IncludeDatabaseRoleMemberships = true;
       transfer.Options.Permissions = true;
       transfer.PreserveDbo = true;

       // generates script
       return transfer.ScriptTransfer();
Mathi2code 14-Oct-13 5:16am
I'm trying to add the namespaces but I'm unable to find it anywhere. Please let me know how to find this
using Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo;
using Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common;
[no name] 15-Oct-13 3:33am
Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common namespace resides in the Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo.dll and Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo reside in
you can download it form .net and add refreence to your project.

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