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What is the best control to display image from folder to that control. The thing is I need to display set of images (eg: 100) in control. If I have 100 images then i need to display 10 images at first. When i click a button need to display next 10 ( from 11 to 20 ) and so on.

Another 1 is when i click on a image from that control it must be displayed on picturebox

can any 1 help .. Is there any possibilities.
Kschuler 15-Oct-13 9:35am    
What type of project are you working with? Windows forms? Web site? Can you add tags to your question to specify that, please?
Akinmade Bond 15-Oct-13 14:18pm    
Winform? If you are using .NET higher than 3.0, I would recomment usinf WPF.
Usha Muhunthan 16-Oct-13 0:45am    
I am working with windows application 2.0
Usha Muhunthan 16-Oct-13 0:45am    
yes i completed the same in wpf . But i couldnt do the same in windows application .NET 2.0
Usha Muhunthan 16-Oct-13 0:58am    
I used below code but it displays file name,

fd.Title = "Open File Dialog"
fd.InitialDirectory = "C:\"
fd.Filter = "Zip files (*.Png)|*.Png"
fd.FilterIndex = 2
fd.RestoreDirectory = True

If fd.ShowDialog() = DialogResult.OK Then

If System.IO.File.Exists(fd.FileName) Then
Dim newImageKey As String = "10"
ImageList1.Images.Add(newImageKey, Image.FromFile(fd.FileName))
ListView1.Items.Add("1", fd.FileName, newImageKey)
End If

Exit Sub
End If

I need to display image

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