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I want to add spell checker functionality in all my text fields of my project ... How can i do that .. plz suggest
What do you mean "add"? Do you have a spellchecker already and just don't know how to express its functionality on the pages, do you?
I would not advise doing so. Most modern browsers provide spell check options. But yes, you can deliver spell checker as a part of your side and enable it for all your input controls, but what part would be your concern? If you already have a spellchecker, you need to give an information on it, if not, it hardly can be a matter of this Quick Questions & Answers forum.
ridoy 20-Oct-13 2:25am
language? c#/vb?

You can use below mentioned jQuery plugin for that.Check that.

(function() {

  // This code will only work with Twitter Bootstrap

  var toggle = (function() {

    var fields = $('input:text,textarea');
    var spellchecker = null;

    function showPopover() {
        if ($(this).find('a').length) {
          return false;

    function create() {

      spellchecker = new $.SpellChecker(fields, {
        lang: 'en',
        parser: 'text',
        webservice: {
          path: '../webservices/php/SpellChecker.php',
          driver: 'pspell'
        suggestBox: {
          position: 'below'
        incorrectWords: {
          position: function(container) {

      spellchecker.on('check.success', function() {
        alert('There are no incorrectly spelt words.');

      spellchecker.on('', function() {

        fields.each(function() {

          var field = $(this);

          if ('popover')) {

            trigger: 'manual',
            placement: 'bottom',
            title: '<i class="icon-info-sign"></i> Spelling errors'


      spellchecker.on('replace.word', function(incorrectWords) {


    function destroy() {
      spellchecker = null;

    function toggle() {
      (!spellchecker) ? create() : destroy();

    return toggle;

  // Check the spelling

For more info check this : spellchecker on multiple form fields

jQuery Spellchecker Home

I hope this will help to you.

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