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Hey All,
I have a textbox.
In that some entries are made like
textbox.text = Tendulkar,Sachin(srt);Dhoni,MS(msd);Sehwag,Virender(viru);D'Souza,Tim(tdsc)

I want an array of string which will have values like (srt,msd,viru,tdsc).
I guess we will first have to go around splitting by (';') and get a result array set of this.
and then split with ('(') and (')').
A for loop inside another is what i guess.

How can i get this??
Appreciate if u cud help me out.

[no name] 20-Oct-13 8:46am
You described what you have to do. Just do it....(N.B it is not a "for" inside a "for", like you described it: First you separate by ";" and afterwards you analyze the separated strings for "(...)").

But try to also to think forward. E.g. What should happen if somebody enters "Tendulkar(xyz),Sachin(srt);Dhoni,MS(msd);Sehwag,Virender(viru);D'Souza,Tim(tdsc)"

...first have a look to OriginalGriff's answer ;)

1 solution

Easier way is to use a Regex:
string s = "Tendulkar,Sachin(srt);Dhoni,MS(msd);Sehwag,Virender(viru);D'Souza,Tim(tdsc)";
Regex reg = new Regex(@"(?<=\().+?(?=\))");
MatchCollection matches = reg.Matches(s);
List<string> separated = new List<string>();
foreach (Match m in matches)
aks.shan 20-Oct-13 8:55am
Hi Original Griff,
This works wonders.
Would appreciate if u could help me in understanding regex.
OriginalGriff 20-Oct-13 9:26am
There are whole books on Regular expressions!
This one is good:
As is this:
But look at Google and you'll find loads of basic tutorials which will explain them better than I can in a small textbox...
This is worth downloading as well:
Expresso - it's free, and it examines and generates Regular expressions.
aks.shan 20-Oct-13 10:17am
Thanks :)
OriginalGriff 20-Oct-13 10:28am
You're welcome!

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