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I need a scrollbar (horizontal and vertical) in a panel, without autoscroll because i want that panel starts with the scrollbar displayed and have a max and min value... Using WinForms
Updated 21-Oct-13 9:28am
Rob Philpott 21-Oct-13 15:24pm    
WPF or WinForms?
Rieth L 21-Oct-13 15:27pm    
Nelek 21-Oct-13 15:35pm    
Rieth L 21-Oct-13 15:36pm    
Put a panel with a weight and height inside an other panel with autoscroll = true...
Rieth L 21-Oct-13 15:37pm    
Panel1 p1= new Panel();
p1.AutoScroll = true;

Panel2 p2 = new Panel();
p2.height = 100;
p2.width = 100;


Something like it

If what you are asking is how do you force scrollbars to appear when a Panel Control in WinForms does not have "content" in it that would force scroll-bars to appear if its 'AutoScroll Property was 'true:

Set the Width and Height values of the 'AutoScrollMinSize Property of the Panel greater than the Width and Height of the Panel.
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Rob Philpott 22-Oct-13 1:37am    
Yes, that's it!
Rieth L 22-Oct-13 6:22am    
It work, but when i scroll it doesn't down or up...
Right I'm going from memory here so you'll need to check, but Panel is derived from ScrollableControl. This means it should have methods/properties (I can't remember the names) to set the autoscroll mode, and the extent. I've used these when developing controls in the past.

Drop me a line if you can't find them and I'll have a look.
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Try this

panel.VerticalScroll.Visible = true
panel.HorizontalScroll.Visible = true

Source -[^]
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