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Hello Guys,

I am trying to build Outlook add-in which should work on any Outlook version (at least starting from 2003 onwards). In the auto-generated files I could only find the spot to change version number, but I am not sure how to include all. Also I supposed there should be more stuff in the background as each outlook version has some slight changes in the core.
I would appreciate if someone could direct me to the right direction.

I found this:[^]
But it's not for free and the stuff is quiet more then meets the eye. I only need a small functionality of it or something similar.

Thanks in advance!
RedDk 22-Oct-13 12:13pm
MK-Gii 23-Oct-13 7:04am
Thanks RedDk - the link for Outlook Object Model was very usefull, though it does not quiet answer the question - how to build the setup which work on multiple Outlook versions.
Thanks anyways!

1 solution

I got this solved. I ran this peace of code to identify the version and then under each section - run approprate code for each version (the differences depends of OL Objct Model differences, which is basically nothing to worry about)

Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Application oApp = new Application();
switch (oApp.Version.Substring(0, 2))
           case "10":
               //do stuff
           case "11":
               //do stuff
           case "12":
               //do stuff
           case "14":
               //do stuff
           case "15":
               //do stuff
               //usually a failure

Hope this gives a hand to someone :)
Maciej Los 12-Nov-13 17:39pm

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