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Hello frnds,

I am using full calendar API for viewing the events in my project. now project requirement change and need to add new view named resource. I tried with google but not get success result for this.

have you any one idea about this.

Thanks in advance.
Updated 22-Oct-13 20:53pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Oct-13 0:35am    
Excuse me, what is "calander"?
ExpertITM 23-Oct-13 1:54am    
sorry its spell mistake.

1 solution

First of all i would like to suggest you the User Manual[^] for Resource-Calender.
Resources :: Introduces available resources to calendar. Resource id links to Event objects resource property. Event objects resource can be also an array! This is a basic JSON-array which includes resource name and id. It can also include readonly boolean which sets resource readonly.

For example:
resources: [
    	name: 'Resource 2',
    	id: 'resource2'
    	name: 'Resource 1',
    	id: 'resource1',
    	readonly: true 
    events: [	
    	title: 'Long Event',
    	start: new Date(y, m, d-5),
    	end: new Date(y, m, d-2),
    	resource: 'resource1'
    	title: 'Meeting',
    	start: new Date(y, m, d, 10, 30),
    	allDay: false,
    	resource: ['resource4','resource2']

You can also insert a URL in the resources option (like in events):
resources: 'http://hostname/jsonresources.php'

Weekend headers in different color? :: You can use class fc-weekend to affect to weekend headers and fc-weekend-column for weekend columns for example background color.

A VERY simple way to pass multiple resources to FullCalendar with PHP

// This is a sample array
$resources = array(
		array("name" => "Resource 1", id => "resource1"),
		array("name" => "Resource 2", id => "resource2")

// json_encode encodes array
$resources_JSON_array = json_encode($resources);

//...and then in Fullcalendar JavaScript:
resources: $resources_JSON_array,
A VERY simple way to pass multiple resources to FullCalendar with jQuery ajax
// In Fullcalendar options you provide URL. Fullcalendar will request this page via ajax:
resources: 'getResources.php',

// getResources.php echoes JSON array
$resources = array(
		array("name" => "Resource 1", id => "resource1"),
		array("name" => "Resource 2", id => "resource2")
echo json_encode($resources);

External events and resources example:
When using external events, you can get resource data this way:
drop: function(date, allDay, ev, ui, resource) {
	var resourceId =; // this is resource id
	var resourceName = // this is resource name

and still if your not getting it then please Visit This Link.[^] Download the sample code and try your variation solution.
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